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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Most people need a filling at one time or another to restore their tooth after removal of decay. However, not all filling materials are created equally! At Mountain Shadows Dental, formerly known as Aesthetic Dental Center, we believe in using the highest quality composite and bonding products and techniques.

Our office is committed to using products with proven histories of out-performing other products in their field. When we place a composite, or tooth-colored filling, it represents the best materials available to restore your tooth.

Dental Decay – A Preventable Condition

Dental decay is so common that the CDC estimates that 95% of adults have had it at some point during their lives. Fortunately, Dr. Tony Lere performs this procedure regularly and successfully restores thousands of decayed teeth each year. Decay occurs when bacteria stay on your teeth for too long. They feed off of sugar and starches left behind from the foods you eat. Bacteria create an acidic environment in your mouth that weakens the protective enamel on your teeth, leading to decay.

We diagnose dental decay with digital x-rays. When we catch decay in its early stages, treatment is often easier and less expensive. That is why regular exams and diagnostic x-rays are so important in maintaining your oral health!

Tooth-Colored Treatments

At our Firestone, CO dental office, we believe that dentistry can provide function as well as beauty and will make sure that our dental restorations complement your smile.

Dr. Lere will gently and completely remove the bacteria and decay from your tooth and sterilize the area. Then, he will match composite to your natural teeth for a seamless appearance. He will apply the composite to the cavity, allowing it to harden. Once he fills your cavity completely, he will shape and polish your restoration. No one will ever notice you have a filling.

Call to Schedule Your Next Exam

Whether you make regular dental appointments or you have some catching up to do, give us a call to schedule your next exam and dental cleaning. We look forward to partnering with you for a healthy dental future.

Our team provides exceptional dentistry with warm, hometown care.

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