Deborah McCollum
15:28 13 Jun 22
Stephanie Jordan
05:32 08 Jun 22
Karen Aragon
23:14 07 Jun 22
As a new, first-time patient, I received great service from everyone. I'm very pleased.
Jenn Hall
17:59 07 Jun 22
tyler Pincus
21:45 06 Jun 22
21:42 06 Jun 22
16:13 02 Jun 22
Wendy Engholm
14:42 26 May 22
Cherie Murphy
16:02 23 May 22
Best dental treatment in the area.
Michael Jacobs
21:32 19 May 22
Excellent care🙂
Joe Werth
22:02 18 May 22
Wonderful experience as a non-patient that needed a dislodged crown replaced while visiting family in Firestone. Friendly staff and very cool Doc Lere. Highly recommend this dental office!
Melo Tango
18:14 18 May 22
Chantel Calvetti
22:05 11 May 22
My daughter had a wonderful first-time experience. Dr. Lere and the entire staff were extremely friendly and helpful. We have definitely found our new family dentist!
Vanessa Boswell
13:47 11 May 22
Apryl Brady
18:37 09 May 22
Very caring and knowledgeable dentist!
Tammy James
14:44 05 May 22
Adam G
21:52 28 Apr 22
Amazing! Super friendly staff and amazing dentist
Cathy Spreer
01:11 08 Apr 22
jennifer jones
15:36 07 Apr 22
I absolutely love this dentist office. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They are also gentle and have never hurt me. I highly recommend this office.4/7/2022- Still recommend this dentist for your dental needs. The staff is always so friendly and Dr Lere really listens and is patient with your needs. The hygienists are also always gentle.
Janine Haney
16:36 06 Apr 22
Very friendly and professional staff. I like the conservative but thorough approach of the dentist too. Will continue to go here for a long time.
Richard & Kim Peebles
22:12 30 Mar 22
Everyone is very friendly and attentive. Highly recommended
Carmen Carley
15:35 24 Mar 22
Gina Bare
22:34 22 Mar 22
Staff are fantastic. Highly recommend.
Dan —
15:36 17 Mar 22
Tracey Wright
16:35 03 Mar 22
Ruben Karel
18:32 01 Mar 22
Great spot, quality work. Friendly people!
Denise & Kurk Erickson
17:12 28 Feb 22
Dr Lere and his staff are the best in the Tri Town area. Our family of six has been with Mountain Shadows Dentistry for nearly 20 years. We’ve had about all the emergencies you can think of and Dr Lere has always been there for us. I was just there today for a cleaning and heard a lot of laughter which tells me he has a lot of happy clients.
Erin Noel
16:55 21 Feb 22
Ron Sharp
22:42 17 Feb 22
Melissa Garland
16:32 10 Feb 22
Meisner Alex
19:13 09 Feb 22
Very professional and tech savvy dental office. Liz is an amazing hygienist who got me in and out, while still being very personable.
Amy G
19:13 03 Feb 22
John Hudson
19:00 31 Jan 22
Professional and courteousGood people
Nancy Hancock
19:48 25 Jan 22
Great dentist, great hygienists
Tina Selzler
21:02 19 Jan 22
Rod Desizlets
19:22 13 Jan 22
So very accommodating and friendly! Dr Lere and his staff explain everything so very throughly!
Rich Schliep
00:41 12 Jan 22
Amazing team. Very nice and trustworthy. Take great care of their patients and do excellent work. Best dental expierience I have had. Thank you.
Lilly Family
16:36 10 Jan 22
Brady Kline
19:31 04 Jan 22
Erin Hanafin
17:16 03 Jan 22
Larry Murphy
17:14 03 Jan 22
Cary Schmidt
22:27 29 Dec 21
Natalie Thiel
18:38 22 Dec 21
Jake Abernathy
19:45 21 Dec 21
I highly recommend this dental office. Everyone was very nice and professional.
Dave Eccher
18:16 15 Dec 21
Highly recommend!!
Larry Politowski
23:19 14 Dec 21
The dental assistant was really cool. Sorry I forgot name. Very professional, but very personable! The whole team is great!
Melissa Thomas
20:41 09 Dec 21
TH Leatherman
16:43 29 Nov 21
Eric Orosco
17:02 23 Nov 21
Fantastic dentistry! Every trip is exemplary!Celeste is our favorite, and the family looks forward to seeing her everytime!
23:43 17 Nov 21
Becky Burger
19:04 10 Nov 21
Highly recommend this dental office. Great group of people and they do fantastic work!
Matt Simonson
21:19 27 Oct 21
Good experience. Friendly staff. Doctor seems good too. Can’t wait to come back. That’s a first, lol! Honestly though, first painless cleaning of my life!
Gail Poor
18:20 27 Oct 21
Kacey Renshaw
01:34 21 Oct 21
Thad Lear
22:32 20 Oct 21
Lauren Hendricks
18:15 20 Oct 21
Carolyn Alquist
21:36 19 Oct 21
Celeste Yeik
16:24 18 Oct 21
Linda Thompson
21:13 12 Oct 21
Great staff ALWAYS friendly & professional. They know their jobs!
Lizet Dominguez
16:36 11 Oct 21
Luis Nieto
21:07 04 Oct 21
Sheena Lee
15:21 04 Oct 21
Genesee Lemon
23:55 28 Sep 21
The cleaning was very well done and the staff is so friendly. The best experience I have had at the dentist by far.
19:50 28 Sep 21
Always a great experience coming here. The staff is so personable and they make you feel like you’re talking to a friend. Thorough cleaning and Celeste is the best! She’s amazing at what she does and excels in patient satisfaction. Thank you so much
Andrew Brian Rickel
17:12 27 Sep 21
Excellent and professional! I drive from Longmont because this team is great.
Pat Mcdaniel
18:54 25 Sep 21
Very good experience all around!!!
Nigel Miller
14:39 23 Sep 21
Maria T
01:56 22 Sep 21
Celeste was awesome.
01:40 22 Sep 21
Super friendly. I felt very welcome and comfortable. Recommended the place to my husband who will start coming here as well!
Sush Mita
21:32 16 Sep 21
Love this clinic. When cleaning, they get every single tooth, every single crevice, and my teeth feel amazing. Would highly recommend.
Wendy Parrino
20:25 16 Sep 21
Very friendly and professional. Reasonable pricing. Had the amount of my treatment ready by the end of appointment.
Lexi Alcantar
20:03 16 Sep 21
Karlin Ellefson
16:44 16 Sep 21
Professional, sensitive, good service, and efficient!
David Bell
22:45 15 Sep 21
Hali Meyer
18:11 09 Sep 21
Love this whole dental office! Everyone is so friendly and personable. They take great care of me and my teeth as well as my family's teeth. Highly recommend coming here!
Becky Y.
16:58 09 Sep 21
Justin Marshall
19:12 02 Sep 21
Savannah Miller
18:29 02 Sep 21
Friendly staff! Made my experience feel comfortable. Happy to have found them and would definitely recommend to everyone in need of a new dentist!
Donna Armentrout
00:15 01 Sep 21
Mat Greten
23:17 31 Aug 21
Kate Greten
21:42 31 Aug 21
Extremely kind, prompt, thorough, and clean. Both my husband and I had positive, pleasant experiences here.
Anthony Hall
20:39 26 Aug 21
I've been a dentist-phob my entire life between the fear of pain and cost associated with the work done. After my initial visit with Mountain Shadows I'm feeling a whole lot better and comfortable with my dental future. Everyone was very warm and welcoming, never rushed through any of the work/x-rays/cleaning etc, and were very personable. Dr Anthony was great. Straight shooter, didn't sugar coat anything but did it with respect and no pressure. Definitely recommend.
Kristina Cruz
15:34 26 Aug 21
Amanda McCormick
21:40 25 Aug 21
Rylee Carter
17:29 19 Aug 21
Deb Testerman
22:40 18 Aug 21
Personal , safe experience.
Quiana Fresquez
17:08 16 Aug 21
Tyler Vessey
16:30 16 Aug 21
Dr. Leer and his dental assistants, especially Rochelle, are all extremely competent, friendly, and amazing just amazing. One of the things I really appreciate most is being informed of not only the plans and the big picture, but also what currently is happening while there sitting in the chair. When I first went to see Dr. Leer, I hadn't been to a dentist in years and I was nervous. While the nerves are definitely there, he has more than earned my trust and I am really thankful for him and everyone in his office who has helped me out so much over the last few years.
Stella O'Neill
16:50 12 Aug 21
Tina Cornell
23:49 10 Aug 21
I’ve been a patient there for 2 years now and have always loved the staff there! I wanted to take my son for his first check up there. I could have gone to a pediatric dentist, but I want him to be a patient at Mountain Shadows. They were so attentive to him!
Kristen Wiley
20:37 03 Aug 21
Steven Koning
22:17 26 Jul 21
Sabine Teufel
16:26 17 Jul 21
Everybody is very nice, quick and perfect service. My teeth feel great again.
Jill Peck
17:49 08 Jul 21
Dentist and Celeste are amazing! My husband hates the dentist but he loves this group. Highly recommend.
Rick Castonguay
17:01 08 Jul 21
My wife uses Mountain Shadows so I thought I'd try them out. Glad I did! Highly recommend them...
Marcia Michaelis
15:44 08 Jul 21
Dennis Wenthold
15:50 30 Jun 21
Nice profession people who did a great job talking care of my needs
Krista Marcus
17:41 12 May 21
Love this office! My hygienist, Aftin, was amazing and made me feel comfortable and at ease instantly. Dr. Lere was very kind and welcoming. The office seems to be run very efficiently and I hardly had to wait at all before being taken back for my appointment. Excellent experience from beginning to end!
Karl Winklmann
21:52 11 May 21
Very professional and very pleasant, I strongly recommend.
merlan rust
12:55 06 May 21
Excellent dentist,great hygienist,very disappointed in office staff,did not take the time to get insurance authorization. I had to bill insurance to get reimbursed for out of pocket cost because I was told that it was not covered by my insurance. 😒
Sascha Waterman
16:27 03 May 21
I have been going to mountain shadows for a couple years now. I love them, they have always made me feel comfortable and offered care and a plan to get my dental health back on track. They are gentle and really listen to patients and their fears and needs.
Kevin Buckner
22:11 26 Apr 21
CW Toon
22:28 14 Apr 21
Awesome place and amazing staff. Very friendly If I could give them ten stars I would. Have never had nothing but great experiences. See you guys soon and thanks.
Sara Buckner
22:53 13 Apr 21
I have a giant fear of the dentist and really bad anxiety, Dr Lere and his staff were absolutely amazing and attentive to how I was feeling and did everything possible to make me comfortable. I felt very welcome and in good hands. Will definitely be going back and highly suggest for anyone that has the same fear and anxiety.Also went over everything in great detail and made sure I understood everything and open to any questions. You can definitely tell they care about you.
Krista T
09:34 31 Mar 21
This is about to be the best review I've ever written that I KNOW it's gonna read as over-the-top...But oh well:I'd always been good with the dentist, but after a bit of time with no dental insurance leading to a lapse in dental care....In the last few years I became extremely fearful after a horrible experience with a new to me dentist with a root canal, where I was led to believe I just couldn't be numbed appropriately despite multiple re-doses. I have avoided the dentist for a few years even though I would like to have (and always prided myself on)healthy teeth. I've experienced unmedicated childbirth, and would do it again readily. But I was TERRIFIED of another dental experience like that.I was led to believe I was an anomaly that just couldn't be numbed ( although my husband went in after I did and found he has the same "anomaly").So obviously, the inevitable happened. After being scared off from dentistry completely, I developed another cavity that warranted another root canal.I saw the reviews on Mountain Shadows that mentioned him being good with fearful patients so I gave it a shot. I warned repeatedly that I didn't hold the anesthetic well and that he'd better just hurry on with the procedure, even if I was in discomfort. Dr. Lere put my mind at ease, and shockingly, I can honestly say I was in NO discomfort. He had NO issue anesthetizing me. It was a night and day difference compared to the torture of my last experience. Dare I say I even GUSHED about how great my root canal was afterward? I guess I do dare, because here I am gushing more in a google review. I won't hesitate to return and I'm so excited to feel comfortable enough to get back into regular dental maintenance with Mountain Shadows. I'm honestly amazed by how wonderful they are and I can't thank them enough. I only wish I'd stumbled into this office a few years ago instead of where I ended up.SIde note: I have TMJ issues and he offered me a device that I didn't even know existed to help hold my jaw open so I didn't have to ask for a "let me wiggle my jaw" break every five minutes during the procedure. I used to have days of stiffness and a LOT of pain after even a simple cleaning due to the TMJ. Not gonna lie... I'm a bit sore but I'm not having ANY locking issues. I couldn't say this even after dentists before whom I have really liked and went to for years with zero complaints. I thought it was just part and parcel of the experience if you had TMJ. Not so!Honestly... Thank you Dr. Lere and everyone else at Mtn Shadows. (Please let this review stir up enough business that I don't feel indebted enough to have to buy you a puppy).
Michelle Gonzales
00:51 24 Mar 21
Katherine Todd
15:51 18 Mar 21
I've been coming here for the last couple of years now and have yet to have a bad experience. Everyone is super friendly and very knowledgable. This past year with covid has been tough for anyone to get certain routine visits done, but Mountain Shadows has always done a great job at staying safe and following necessary protocols. When you arrive, you stay in your vehicle, call to check in, and they will let you know when to come in. My dental hygienist is always so friendly and always seems to remember little things we spoke about 6 months ago. Those little things go a long way for me. Plus going to the dentist is not the most fun thing in the world, but it helps when everyone makes your visit easy.
Michelle Dixon
02:46 17 Mar 21
Gretchen Ayala
18:55 16 Mar 21
Mountain Shadows Dental always provides a totally professional and satisfying experience. The staff is friendly and always ready at appointment time. The dental hygienist does a thorough and gentle cleaning, especially around my implants. The doctor thoroughly knows my history and asks the right questions. This business really cares about the patients.
Diane Henderson
19:01 04 Mar 21
21:10 03 Mar 21
Dr. Lere and the staff are so kind and thoughtful that I was surprisingly relaxed while having cavities filled.
lilly tablet
20:20 01 Mar 21
Jaime Weese
18:45 01 Mar 21
Micah Davidson
22:41 25 Feb 21
Always treated amazingly!
Kyle Quashnick
19:09 25 Feb 21
Linda Query
18:34 24 Feb 21
Absolutely are 💯 satisfied with the care we receive. Everyone is professional, friendly and caring!!
Sharon Smith
21:20 22 Feb 21
Love everyone in this office. Afton is amazing, as is the Dr.
Amanda Fant
16:05 18 Feb 21
Super responsive, and super nice and friendly.
Thomas Digsby
01:16 17 Feb 21
The whole staff provides excellent customer service. Dr. T is awesome and takes time to understand how you’re feeling and addresses any concerns you may have before treatment.
Nadia Gutierrez
01:05 17 Feb 21
Deborah Flanagan
21:38 11 Feb 21
Amazing team! They are confident and excellent. They listen closely and are always consistent. It's hard to find a good dentist. Look no further.
Jim Ecknrode
23:15 09 Feb 21
Jack Abughazaleh
21:16 09 Feb 21
As always Dr. Lere and his staff are truly amazing. Great personalities from everyone at the office with fantastic attention to details when working on your teeth. You feel like a friend and not just a client. We love them all. Highly, highly recommend Mountain Shadows Dental.
Lindsey Gant
18:35 09 Feb 21
Julie VanErem
22:59 28 Jan 21
This practice did a great job of making this new patient feel comfortable and welcome. The office is clean, friendly and welcoming and the staff was very helpful. They are taking great COVID precautions which was a big relief.
Heather Travis
22:47 27 Jan 21
Roberto Castaneda
18:44 27 Jan 21
Kurk Erickson
17:36 27 Jan 21
Ditto to my previous review for my visit today! Liz is awesome and Dr Lere is a true professional. Text check in was quick and smooth, office is very clean, staff was all PPE’d up, service is always friendly. Totally professional and safe environment. Great job Mountain Shadows Dental!
Stacie Bales Barton
00:19 27 Jan 21
ktm im
00:26 26 Jan 21
Incredibly friendly, fast, painless and reasonably priced. Definitely a place to go if you are scared of dentists as they will ease your anxiety.
John Majerus
19:32 21 Jan 21
Eric Goslovich
17:12 21 Jan 21
Very helpful visit to dentist. Dr. Lere and staff did a great job to explain what were my treatment options are.
Hector Soto
23:06 19 Jan 21
Very patient and nice, very professional and makes sure you are comfortable .
Brooke Hall
19:58 19 Jan 21
Very friendly staff!!
Charlene Russell
23:49 18 Jan 21
Thank you. Dr Lere for making today appointment so easy. Pain free even where you gave shot does not hurt. No jaw pain thanks to retainer to hold jaw open. You and your crew are very professional. I'll see you the 17th. Have a blessed week. Thanks againCharlene
Robyn Murray
23:14 14 Jan 21
Everyone is super nice and knowledgeable! Great visit!!
Francis Taylor
19:22 13 Jan 21
Absolutely the best dental experience I have ever had. Family atmosphere and super nice Dr. And staff. Highly recommended.
Britni Toth
17:31 12 Jan 21
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